2017 Philippines Mission Trip
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2017 Philippines Mission Trip

Hey hey! Peter Randell here.

Please express your interest (or your kids interest) in coming along to the 2017 Philippines mission trip.

Let me know and I’ll supply you with a timeline which contains all the info you need including a fundraising target. We deliberately set the targets high so that if the worst happens with the aussie dollar / various airline costs, no one is caught short.

Also, if you know someone who is super interested, feel free to share this with them.

If you are genuinely interested in seriously pursuing this project, please call me or send an email and I will also forward out to you an official “mission trip expression of interest form.” These are important as we do have a limit on numbers. Therefore, also be aware that if you fill one out and then pull out 6-7 months down the track, you’ll effectively be deleting someone else’s opportunity who may have wanted to come along. If you would like more information on precisely what is usually involved in these trips, again; let me know and I will be happy to answer any and all questions.

Thanks, Peter Randell