A Brief Introduction

A Brief Introduction

A brief introduction to Waratah Church.

This short article is designed to give people looking for a new spiritual home some answers to the questions which are sometimes asked of a church. We hope to give you a “Taste” of Waratah.

Some Background:

The church was started in December 1991 by an incredible opportunity given by God to Gavin & Danny Woolhead and their family.

From humble beginnings without a core congregation but having a property a small church began to emerge. Against the odds it quietly prospered and saw its first convert in 1993. It was a time of slow release miracles, and in many ways that season has never ceased.

Today the best way to get the scope of the church’s ministry is to browse the pages of our webiste where you will see that Waratah is pretty active in the local community.

In recent years we have aligned with the Baptist Churches of W.A. We are encouraged to have Peter Randell as our Associate Pastor.

It’s probably sufficient to say that God has blessed us embarrassingly, and we are deeply grateful to Him.

Our Outlook:

We have an emphasis on caring for local people and seeking to share the gospel with them. We use a variety of means to do this: from managing a Community Centre to providing free English classes for recent migrants, to Carols by Candlelight, to Toddler Jam sessions, (to name a few) so you can see Waratah seeks to care for others.

We have built and enjoy having a 30 unit retirement village right alongside us.  it’s managed for us by the Bethanie group.

We are also pretty keen on supporting Missions overseas and within this great nation. We sometimes send teams to other countries to assist in sharing the gospel there. These are generally short-term events. (Just long enough for a person to donate an annual holiday!!) We have helped a community in Kenya get top quality water from a well over the past decade.

Church programme:

Please have a look around our web page for current info on our church activities or contact the friendly office staff for current details.

Our programmes change a bit, but here’s an insight into the kinds of things we do each week.

  • Mondays: Toddler Jam. A music and friendship based programme for parents and tiny children.
  • Tuesdays: Bible study home groups in the evening.
  • Wednesday: Ladies bible Study, a small group at the church, Ladies Craft group, at the church. Bible study home groups in the evening.
  • Thursday: English language support group. Evening prayer meeting.
  • Friday: Youth group activities.
  • Saturday: Nothing of a fixed programme nature.
  • Sunday: Worship, Crèche, Sunday School (Called CHARGE)

How we are administered:

The church is administered by an Eldership of 5 men. This means its admin is closely aligned to the Churches of Christ model. We have at least one Partners (Members) Meeting each year. The church adheres to a constitution that sets out how we are established as a legal body in the business world. Attached to that constitution are a set of By Laws which show our understanding of how God’s word impacts on the way we are structured.

People can get to know quite a lot about Waratah by reading the By Laws. You’ll see our doctrinal statement, our standards for Partners, Elders, Pastor, Deacons etc.

A copy of our Doctrinal statement is in the about us section of our website.

A few other things which are not spelt out specifically in that document but which some new families sometimes enquire about are:

Our Theological position.

Some of our Elders are of a graciously reformed persuasion, and all are actively involved in local evangelism. No one in the church leadership makes an issue of their theology, rather we encourage others to get to know God as closely as they can, and we respect one another’s differences on a number of issues.

Within the church family there are a range of end times views, but from the pulpit an amillennial flavour will be detected.

The church leadership takes a conservative approach to women preaching to men, very akin to the Sydney Anglican view of the issue. We encourage women to minister in all areas other than teaching men and having authority over them.

While Waratah responds warmly to all that the Holy Spirit of God continues to do among us, we recognize that some people will feel more at home among other local churches that have a more intense expression of their belief.

We celebrate communion once each month. Each third month this is centred around a fellowship meal.

We really value diversity in what we consider to be the nonessentials, and at the same time hold deeply to unity in the matters that are most essential. Namely who Jesus is, and What He has done by bringing God’s amazing grace clearly to our lives.

We seek to humbly and fervently serve our wonderful redeemer. You are encouraged to journey with us and help us all grow in grace and the love of God.

To sum us up:

While we are somewhat conservative, we have an easygoing approach to life. Our music is contemporary and yet we hope it also reflects the depth of our commitment to God and His to us. We want the grace of God to be a massive dynamic in every aspect of our lives, relationships and ministry. We seek to use a contemporary means of sharing the gospel and of worshiping and serving our God.

We seeks to produce Christians whose:

  • Primary concern is for the glory of God,
  • Second concern is for the salvation of the lost
  • And whose third concern is for a righteous community to be established.

We hope this intro helps you to understand us a bit better, and that you’re a kindred spirit just itching to roll up your sleeves and enjoy working with this team. We know we have a few shortcomings and peculiarities but we also have been given boundless opportunities to serve our God. Somewhere in among our wonderful bunch God is at work in a brilliant way… the slow release miracle is still active.

To get to know us some more you are welcome to come and worship with us.

Your feedback is deeply appreciated. We’d love to chat with you. To contact our pastors, please call 95346673.