Youth and Young Adults  – uth@waratah

Youth and Young Adults  – uth@waratah

Children’s Ministries

C.H.A.R.G.E stands for ‘Children Having A Real God Experience’ and is our primary Sunday morning children’s ministry for primary school aged kids. At Charge our children learn simple lessons about God and his son Jesus as well as participating in fun short activities. In addition every child who regularly attends is encouraged to invite an adult to become their prayer partner; someone who will pray specifically for your child throughout their years. Charge is a safe and fun environment for children to learn simple truths about God and experience the freedom of being able to ask questions about the Bible.

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Youth Ministries

Uth@waratah is the umbrella under which all our youth ministries  and training exist. Our vision statement is “A safe place for all youth and families to encounter God and know him personally.” Every youth leader is trained to know this vision statement off by heart and we like to think it flavors everything we do.

Friday nights are run on a 3-night rotation and programs are published each term. The cornerstone of uth@waratah is the combined youth evening service where we explore and engage with the story of God’s grand plan for us and for humanity in creative and practical ways. week 2 is Direction for primary school kids, week 3 is Torch for high school aged crew. Then the cycle starts again.

Other young adult ministries and training happens on various scheduled Saturdays or Sundays so check the calendar for more info.


Direction is our Friday night youth group and is tailored to primary aged school children ages 6-11. Youth nights consist of games, activities, supper and a short devotion followed by prayer. We have awesome fun at Direction as we encourage kids to Belong, Accept and Become.


On every 3rd Friday night we also run Torch which is our high school youth group. These nights also consist of games, activities, supper, a short devotion and prayer time. Unity and growth are emphasized in Torch. For those crew who show particular passion for youth ministry, in Torch, sometime they are asked to consider enrolling in our junior leadership program where they can also come along to direction but as leaders. More info below:

Junior Leadership

Recruited by senior leaders from Torch attendees, potential future leaders get hands on experience in how to coordinate and run a youth night, prepare presentations and basic pastoral care and counselling skills. Junior leaders work alongside our adult Direction leaders as they get the chance to explore their potential. Meanwhile they are expected to engage in our training curriculum called Site.


Site used to be a topical bible study and practical discussion group for teens, especially our junior leaders. This year however, it was re-launched as a training seminar and solution sharing space for all areas of kids and families ministries in a church context. Site addresses the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Practical aspects of what it means to be a leader and pastoral carer of kids, teens and families. Topics range from ‘effective behavior management’ to ‘how to do visitation well’ to ‘effective communication across age ranges’ and so on. Sessions are free with lunch included on every 3rd Sunday at Waratah church and folks from other churches are most welcome.

Young Adult Ministries

Illuminate is our young adults ministry and is a fantastic way for young people to meet and make friends. Events are run once a month on Saturday and restricted to those over the age o f 18 and under the age of 30. We also send a team to sportsfest each year.